Dream sequence

बेफिक्र से एक दूजे में घुल रहे
जब हो जुदा ख्यालों में मिल रहे
ख्यालों में यूं ये गुफ्तगू चलती रहे

-Pashmina, Fitoor.

यह फितूर तेरा लाया मुझको मेरे करीब ?

Haha, I tried. Anyway, now that you’re here.

So, about ten minutes from me finishing this, I was about to sleep, but?

Me 1: Life is great, do I love the idea of love? Yeah, I do. I’m currently happy thinking about what I can have with someone. Of course, there could be possible downsides and that is just a way of thinking but there are positives. Surely there ought to be. Else why isn’t the world a family of singletons? Haha, a family of singletons XD

Me 2: Ayy that reminds me, play Pashmina once before sleeping, please. I know it’s just the nth time, but please.

Me 1: Chaloooo! Dafuq Amazon music doesn’t have it. -.-

Me 3: Umm, (midway through the song at a particular stanza) isn’t it similar to something? Yeah, it is! On Body and Soul !!!! That movie was amazing. Maria & Endre have their weaknesses/flaws clearly visible to them, but their dreams seemed like knitting needles which were stitching their lives up and creating a fascinating fabric which would strengthen the two of them. That movie was beautiful. It moved me. Anyway, off to write about this, lemme post the stanza first and then start.


Lights & sound

Welcome, you’re now witnessing an internal monologue.

I hope you have had a great day. It’s Diwali today, so apart from the noise I’ve been making inside my head, I get to hear the crackers too. That’s alright.

So, this is about yesterday.

Me 1:  What was that? It’s movies like these that elicit the idea of love within me. Cold War. Every time I looked at Zula, it felt as if she would barge inside my room, take my hand and we’d go away. Unlike Wiktor and Zula who had a plan, I do not. But, I’d go, go away with her anywhere. Not that I feel I need to get away from my life, this year overall has been amazing. I’ve met some amazing people, have been having some delightful time, have learnt a lot over the last four months about life, people and its nexus. Even life, in general, has been amazing so far.

Me 2: Another thing happened which we should talk about, Claire Underwood, wait, isn’t it Claire Hale? Yeah yeah, Claire Hale.  That woman, my goodness! When House of Cards began, I was attracted to Francis, not because I saw him as a role model in any sense, but what attracted me was his views towards society and people. Often I had tried to examine people using his lens. And I love doing that, love it when I can see others from a new perspective. But, Claire, wow, I still haven’t quite processed her and somewhere I don’t feel like.

Me 3: What hit you hard was the fact that it ended, you lost a source of learning and with the desperation you have to learn and understand about people, it kills you to not have a “guided mentorship” that leads you in life. That 4th wall which was broken time and again to speak with you isn’t there, it kills you. But as a stoic shouldn’t you be less affected by it?

Aren’t the paradigms of reality meant to be discovered and then acted upon wisely as the situation demands?

Me 1: I do not agree, there ought to be a cheat sheet. Something to give you the signs, not the whole story beforehand.

Me 2: It’s 2AM, go sleep Y’all.